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Is your garage door or opener acting up? Do you need a reliable repair technician? Trust a pro to make your garage door operate with a warranty that gives you peace of mind.
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Garage Door Repair Services

Is your garage door in need a fix? Get a FREE online estimate and get connected to a local Virginia Beach garage door specialist who can fix your garage door problem quickly in Virginia.

Garage door sensors sometimes get bumped and misaligned causing your garage door to not move for safety reasons. Call for a safety inspection of your garage door and opener and ask about current specials.

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Tips For Troubleshooting Opener Failures
Having difficulty with your garage door opener? Now's the time to look after any issues. Possibilities are great that come winter season, you do not wish to get back from deal with a cold, dark night and be stuck outside. Even in a moderate environment, garage doors that cannot be closed firmly will supply potential burglars with simple access to your house. Fix the possible breakdown sources to find out whether you can deal with the opener yourself or you have to hire an expert. Even if you do require a pro, it will likely conserve money and time when you can explain the source of the problem. Right here is a troubleshooting overview of typical garage door opener issues.

ISSUE # 1: The remote does not work.
TROUBLESHOOT: If the door opens and closes fine when you utilize the wall switch, there's an issue with the push-button control. Ensure you are holding the remote within variety of the garage door opener which the motor device's antenna is suspending. Change the batteries in the gadget if required and examine that it has actually been properly configured. Still not working? You may have to acquire a brand-new remote; ensure that it works with your opener, or pick a universal design.

ISSUE # 2: The remote works, however the door still won't budge.
TROUBLESHOOT: When the garage door opener does not deal with either the remote or the wall switch, take a look at the lights. If they're not on, the device is not getting power. Confirm that the motor device is linked. See whether the outlet is working and inspect the breaker, fuse or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to figure out whether you have an electrical issue on your hands. After you've had a look at the electrical power, examine the emergency situation release chain. Pull the chain to disengage the carriage and permit the garage door to operate separately of the opener. Effort to open the door by hand.

ISSUE # 3: The door either does not close totally or reverses as quickly as it touches the floor.
TROUBLESHOOT: Have an appearance at the close restriction switch. It could require modification. If this does not resolve the issue, attempt to hand raise and drop your garage door to see if it is binding on something.

PROBLEM # 4: The door closes then opens, but the opener's motor keeps running.
TROUBLESHOOT: Once once more, this most likely suggests that the remote switch needs modification. Try moving it far from the motor system.

PROBLEM # 5: Door goes back up before touching the floor.
TROUBLESHOOT: Check whether there is any blockage obstructing the door's smooth closure. If not, attempt adjusting the closing end points.

ISSUE # 6: The opener drops in the middle of operation or fails to engage at all.
TROUBLESHOOT: As of 1993, garage door openers come geared up with a pair of sensing unit beams. These enhance security however might often trigger efficiency issues. Guarantee that both beam lights are on (one red and one green) which absolutely nothing is disrupting their function. This might be among a number of things: misalignment of the safety sensing units, physical things between them or gunk or wetness on their surface area might prevent them from reflecting correctly.
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