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Our trained professionals will come install a durable garage door that will replace your broken one in a short time frame. We can also fix your garage door if the damage isn’t too extreme. Trying to fix a garage door yourself can be dangerous and could lead to further damage.

Our team is qualified to safely repair or replace your door with as little disturbance to your family as possible. We guarantee a seamless transition from beginning to end.

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Fixing a garage door is a quick process when left to the professionals. Our company has trained professionals that will come to your house and to diagnose and fix whatever your problem is in a few short hours or less.

We work to minimize disturbances to you and your family while we are completing the service.

Call our trained professionals to learn more about what we can do to fix your garage door at an affordable price!

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Having a professional fix your garage door is an investment worth making. Trying to fix it yourself is time consuming, can lead to more permanent damage which will end up costing you even more in the end. If done incorrectly, it can be a much lengthier timeline and could inconvenience you even more than it was in the beginning.

We know that in your busy lives, the last thing that you need to think about working is your garage door. Our company uses high quality, durable doors that will help you continue on your daily life, without worrying if your garage door will work today or not. Having a trusted professional help is the right thing to do, so call our company to help with this process.

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Common Problems With Garage Doors

With each type of garage door, there are different problems that can occur. Some of the most common problems that occur are when the door won’t open all the way, the chain is making a loud noise, or even rust buildup that causes the door to stick. No matter how big or small, our team is committed to fix your problem to quickly get your life back to normal.

Many garages break due to some of the same reasons. One of the ways is using the door for practicing sports. After being hit hundreds or thousands of times, the door could have dents or wires that are disconnected. When this happens, the door is often unable to roll on the track easily and the wires may become disconnected.  If left unrepaired, it can cause a domino effect of problems that leave you unable to open or close the door at all.   Another problem that can arise is old springs in the door. This is a problem that we commonly see when the door won't open or close all the way. Sometimes it will open slightly and then just close. Making sure the springs are replaced properly with the correct type of springs for your door is very important to the working condition of your garage door.

The Quality Difference

"From beginning to end, at Garage Doors of America our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality garage door replacements and repairs possible. It is our unwavering commitment to quality and value that people have grown to trust."

Types of Residential Garage Doors

There are 6 types of garage doors. Our company is trained on each type and can repair any issue you are facing. With each type of door, there are different complications that can happen. We will use our professional opinion to help you decide on what best course of action to take in getting your door back into excellent condition. The following are the 6 different types of doors and things to know about each one.


Sectional Door

The most common type of garage door is called a sectional door. This type is stored on the top of the garage when pulling in the car. This is commonly seen in houses across the country. It is reliable and can be quickly replaced if damaged.


Roll Up Door

If you are looking for a very durable option for your garage then a roll up door is the perfect answer. They can withstand more abuse than a sectional door can, but are usually more costly.


Slide to Side Door

This is less commonly found, but is a great option if you do not have as much ceiling clearance in the garage. They don’t have any springs in them, which is a benefit, since springs are one of the most common things to break. Having a door like this one can result in some damages including: the tracks not working correctly or the hinges not bending properly, but can be fixed or replaced depending on the level of damage.


Retractable Door

The retractable door is a great choice since there are no hinges in the door, and the entire door moves in one piece. Just like any type of door, there are pros, and cons but it is a great option and can withstand more than a sectional, since the hinges are not going to get damaged.


Canopy Door

Very similar to the retractable door but doesn’t take up as much space is an innovative option called a canopy garage door. If you are limited in space but want a retractable door, this is very similar and the main difference is the way it moves up the tracks. Both this model and the retractable model are a more modern type of garage door option.


Side Hinged Door

If you are looking for an elegant way to spruce up your house, this is the way to do it. These doors have hinges on the side and open like a barn door. Side Hinged doors add an upscale look to your home and are becoming more popular across the country.

All of these models are great options and we recommend each of them. Some might work better in different styles of houses, but are all reliable and durable so the look and feel that you are going for will help determine which door is best for you and your family.

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What Garage Door Problems Can We Fix?

Our team is trained to fix and replace all parts of your door including:

  • Hinges
  • Springs
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Drums
  • Brackets
  • Endplates
  • And more!
Common Questions

Learn More About Garage Doors

With each type of garage door, there are different problems that can occur. Some of the most common problems that occur are when the door won’t open all the way, the chain is making a loud noise, or even rust buildup that causes the door to stick. No matter how big or small, our team is committed to fix your problem to quickly get your life back to normal.

FAQ Question
How should I know if the springs have broken in my garage door?

Answer: Some easy ways to tell if this is the problem, are the following.

  • Door will only open a few inches
  • Door won’t open at all
  • You can see a physical break in the spring 
  • Door might not move up perpendicular to the tracks

When our company arrives at your house, we will explain to you the different types of springs and see what type would work better for you. The amount of times that you use your garage door daily will determine which spring option will be best for you.  Most of the time if you have a lower grade spring in your door, and it breaks or needs replaced, you can upgrade to a higher class so that it will last longer if you put more wear and tear on your door.

FAQ Question
If one of the springs in my door is broken, should I replace the other one as well?

Answer: Springs work in pairs to pull up your heavy garage door, so we do recommend replacing both of the springs at the same time if they are the same age.  Since they were both installed at the same time, and one has broken, it's only a matter of time until the other one does as well, leaving you stranded yet again.

If the spring breaks and your car is still in the garage, you will not be able to get it out, even by using the manual opening system. Make sure to call us to replace the springs so that the door doesn’t fall on someone or something, because our number one priority is keeping our clients safe.

FAQ Question
What should I do if the door goes off the tracks?

Answer: The number one thing to do is not try and fix it yourself. Call our company and we will handle it for you. The reasons that we don't want you to attempt doing this by yourself are the following:

  • Doors and heavy and bulky, so repairing on your own could be dangerous and could hurt you 
  • Could cause further damage to door
  • Cost for professional repair after your attempts to fix will likely cost more than calling us from the beginning

With the door off the tracks, we know that this is an inconvenience to you and will prevent you from getting to important things, for instance your car or other valuable possessions. Please give us a call and we will get there as soon as possible to fix it and get your door and life right back on track.

Garage Door Openers

If you haven’t got a new garage door in a few years, there are many new options to garage door openers. Some of the newer features that you can choose from are the following:

  • Eco- Friendly options
  • Can connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc
  • Brightness Levels
  • Manual Release Cord (for Power Failure)
  • Vacation Mode to keep your house safe

Choosing the right opener is just the first step in getting a new garage door opener. Having a trusted company that will install it correctly and efficiently is just as important. Call our company to help you choose which would be the best product for your family and we will come instal it, within your convenience.

Nationally Ranked Garage Door Brands

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Hurricane Safe Garage Doors

If you live in a hurricane prone area, or an area with excessive wind, we recommend calling our company to have them inspected to see if they are up to code. If they are not up to code, we will work hard to make sure they are at a fair, affordable price.

Not having doors that are up to code in a time with extremely strong winds can lead to highly priced repairs and could put your family in a dangerous situation. Our company strives to work with you and keep your family safe in times of need.

Commercial Garage Doors

If you are in need of a commercial garage door, or replacement garage door, call us and we will help! We not only specialize in residential garage doors, but we also are trained to repair and replace commercial garage doors. Whether it's for a loading dock, parking garages, or any other need of a commercial door, we are here to help. We will ensure you are left with a properly functioning door that will protect your belongings or others. We will help you find the right solutions to any problem and will give you our professional advice on what is best to do in your situation.

Specializing in providing timely garage door repairs at economical prices. If you’re in need of garage door repairs or even a new garage door, calling a reliable local dealer first will save you time and money… and remember to ask about current special pricing.

Extremely Quiet Rollers

Do you have young children or a job that requires you to leave early in the mornings or late at night and every time you open your garage door, somebody wakes up? We now have rollers that we can put on your garage door that will prevent this from happening.

We know in your busy lives that waking up everyone in your house is not what you need. With these rollers, you won’t hear it opening at all! When we are installing the new rollers, we will also check your door and make sure nothing else is broken to save you the phone call. We work extremely hard to make your lives easier and never have to worry about your garage door working.